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The prices tab is used to indicate any prices that are associated with the company.

Create an individual price

You can choose to create a new individual price by clicking on New individual price:

You can fill out the following:

  • Product no.: The product number for your product
  • Find product: Search for a product
  • Set individual price: If checked, you can set the following:
    • Individual price
    • Individual cost price
  • Individual name: A title for the product to separate it from the "original" one
  • Individual product no.: A product no. for the product to separate it from the "original" one

Edit an individual price

Editing an individual price happens on the same menu. Just click on the pencil to enter edit mode.

Use standard price

You have the following choice:

  • Use standard price: If checked, you can choose use the standard prices for the various work areas which you may have declared in the Invoices module. Otherwise, you can declare the various prices for each work area. For more on the columns, please refer to basis prices

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