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Basis prices

About basis prices

This functionality is used to give work areas prices.

Whenever a user registers time, and depending on the object the registration is done on - This registration can carry information about the cost and sales price for it.

Basically adding values in this section, is vital to use Microbizz for financial work.  

How to setup basis prices

You can find the menu under INVOICES/SETTINGS/BASIS PRICES

You can adjust the basis prices for all existing work areas.

The following information can be added:

Regular work areas

  • Product number: The product number that the time registration should use when being invoiced. It's important to know that there is no connection to the product list - any product number can be used here. Even ones that don't exist in the product list
  • Hourly price: The standard sales price of a time registration before discount is applied
  • Cost price: The standard cost price of a time registration
  • Discount: The standard discount of a time registration
  • Rounding: This option determines the rounding of a time registration when being invoiced

Fixed price invoicing

When invoicing a task with a fixed price invoice method, the only invoice line generated, will be the same as the work area for that task.

For example a fixed price task with work area <Service> will normally create an invoice line with product number 300.

This rule can be overwritten by adding values to the static price section

The following information can be added:

  • Field 1: The product number that the invoice line will use when invoicing any task with a fixed price
  • Static text: The invoice line name. Leave empty to use the one from the work area

Allow individual cost prices on CRM

If checked it will be possible to add cost prices for each work area, directly on the company objects to deviate from the standard cost price applied in this section.

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