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Direct order

This tab allows you to create a form for ordering at least one product. For each product, you can specify what has to be done with it when a user fills out the direct order form. 

Filling out the direct order form

To create a direct order form, you first click on "Go to edit mode":

You then have the following options:

  • Finish editing: After adding the products needed, you finish the direct order form 
  • Add product: You have the following options:
    • Product no.: Choose a product no. from your Microbizz solution, or create a new one
    • Product name: Choose a product name from your Microbizz solution, or create a new one
    • Use standard price: If marked, the product's standard price is used. If not, you can indicate an individual price
    • Alternative stock: Choose a company if you intend to use an alternative stock
    • Handling: How the product should be handled by Microbizz. Choose between one of the following:
      • Order
      • Invoice
      • Order and invoice
      • Register
  • Link to stock: Allows you to choose a company to draw products from. Leave blank if you don't intend to use a stock

Each line can either become a depot order, or an invoice line, or both a depot order and an invoice line. For more on depot orders, please refer to this page.

If you have selected something in the following option in the CRM module's general settings:

then it will also be possible to specify that the order will be used for goods on a new task.

If you do not specify an alternative "stock", "stock" is taken from the company, and this "stock" is then updated with consumption.

Placing an order

After having finished editing the direct order form, we can begin to place orders with the Place order button.


You can then add additional products and amounts to the already present ones, but it's worth to note, that adding as such, isn't saved to the direct order form.

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