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Depot orders

This tab shows you depot order lines, which is a simple way to generate something that reminds of invoice lines. 

Each company can have a depot, more about that here.

By clicking on Add order line, you can add a new order line to the chosen company. This is only available if the active user is responsible for the depot.

You have the following to fill out:

  • Equipment: Choose any equipment from your system
  • Invoice date: A date for adding the depot line
  • Product: Choose a product to add
  • Product no.: The chosen product's number
  • Count: The amount of the chosen product
  • Units: The chosen product's unit
  • Unit price: The price per unit
  • Custom text 1: A text for the depot line
  • Custom text 2: More text for the depot line


The depot order lines are listed in the Invoices module, in the menu DEPOT, from where they can be exported.

This requires that Microbizz is setup to be able to handle invoices, either by enabling invoices in Microbizz, or by using an integration which supports invoices.

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