This tab shows you depot order lines, which is a simple way to generate something that reminds of invoice lines. 

Each company can have a depot, more about that here.

By clicking on Add order line, you can add a new order line to the chosen company. This is only available if the active user is responsible for the depot.

You have the following to fill out:

  • Equipment: Choose any equipment from your system
  • Invoice date: A date for adding the depot line
  • Product: Choose a product to add
  • Product no.: The chosen product's number
  • Count: The amount of the chosen product
  • Units: The chosen product's unit
  • Unit price: The price per unit
  • Custom text 1: A text for the depot line
  • Custom text 2: More text for the depot line


The depot order lines are listed in the Invoices module, in the menu DEPOT, from where they can be exported.