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Create appointment

To create a calendar appoint you need to navigate to the Calendar module, then choose APPOINTMENT > CREATE.

When creating an appointment you can add the following information:

  • Appointment title: The title of the appointment
  • Company: Choose a company to attach the appointment to
  • Unit: The unit of the appointment
  • Attach to project: Choose a project to attach the appointment to
  • Here: If left unchecked, you may indicate where the appointment takes place
  • Person: Attach a person to the appointment
  • Note: Write a note for the appointment
  • Start date: Choose a start date for the appointment
  • End date: Choose an end date for the appointment
  • Start time: Choose a start time for the appointment
  • End time: Choose an end time for the appointment
  • Appointment type: Choose between "Standard" or any other appointment types you might have created. 
  • Repeat: Choose how often the appointment should repeat
  • Handle public holidays: Choose how to handle the appointment on public holidays:
    • Allow holidays
    • Exclude holidays
    • Skip to next working day
  • Follow up?: If checked, it will give the option of adding a form that has to be completed once the appointment is finished
  • Private appointment: If checked, the appointment will be hidden from others. They will only be able to see the duration of the meeting
  • Send mail: If checked, send the appointment through email
  • Participants: Choose as many users that you want to participate
  • Resources: Choose one of the resources you might have created. For more on this, please refer to this section

See other participants availability

When you have selected a list of participants, the system will show their calendar at the bottom of the screen to see if the meeting will conflict with existing planning:

Booking resources to your appointment

When creating or editing appointments it is also possible to book resources. To learn more about resources, please refer to this section.

Resources will be shown when creating the appointment and when a resource is selected, Microbizz will prompt the user, if the resource is already booked at the chosen date and time. This ensures that a resource is not double booked and lets the user choose another resource, or simply find another date where the resource is available.

Repetitive calendar appointments

It is possible to make a repetitive calendar appointment e.g. a meeting every Monday morning. Here you’ll need to specify in the Repeat field if it’s an ad-hoc appointment or repetitive e.g. Weekly. Then you’ll be asked to choose between additional info so that Microbizz can create the sequence of appointments.

Exchange integration 

You can set up the calendar module with an Exchange integration, which will allow you to synchronize your organization's mailboxes with Microbizz. For more on this, please refer to this section

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