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Every module in Microbizz has a set of permissions, which is the case for the workplan module as well.

For a general understanding of permissions visit this section.

Keep in mind that the users must log off the system and back again before the permissions take effect.

Work plan specific permissions

The screenshot below may not be up to date.

The available permissions are as follows:

  • Workplan - edit workplan: Allows you to specify who has the permission to edit the work plan
  • Workplan - work weeks: Who may edit and create work week templates
  • Workplan - statistics: Who may see work plan statistics
  • Workplan - registration types: Who may edit and create registration types
  • Workplan - holidays: Who may edit holidays
  • Workplan - lunch: Here you can administer who has the permission to specify lunch
  • Lunch for others: This determines who may specify lunch for others than themselves

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