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Teams in Microbizz are a used to group users in Microbizz into logical units typically referring to departments of the organisation. Teams are also used when defining permissions and politics throughout the total Microbizz system, but also used when defining responsibility for companies and tasks.

Teams list

To find and manage your teams, go to the menu USERS and then choose TEAMS.

There you will find a list of available teams that already exist in your Microbizz contract.

Creating a team

To create a new team, simply press NEW TEAM.

You will then see the following page where you will be able to create a team.

You will then need to choose how to create the team:

  • Title: This will be the name of the team
  • Clone from: Use this dropdown to create this team using the same permissions as an existing team. This is a useful tool to make sure that the teams in your system are comparable, and to save time not having to adjust each permission for the new team
  • Team leaders: Add one or more users that will act as team leaders in this team
  • Employees: Add one or more users that will act as employees in this team
  • Remote ID: Add a remote ID to pair this team with an external integration
  • Access: Choose which modules the members of this team should have access to

As seen above, there are only two required fields to add when creating a team. This gives you the freedom to create a user or a team first.

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