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Task salary

It is possible to add salary rules directly to a task, to accommodate salary or bonuses payed for working on certain tasks.

Adding a salary rule to a task

When the salary module is enabled, a new tab SALARY becomes available on each task.

From here you can create a new rule.

The rule is created like a normal salary rule, except that it is applied to all the hours, that a user works on the task. Also an additional field is available, where one can select if this rule should apply to every salary model, or just a selected few. 

Template rules

It is possible to create task template rules, which can quickly be assigned to tasks. This is done by selecting the TASK RULE TEMPLATES item from the SALARY menu in the user module.

The rules can then be added to a task, by using the ADD TEMPLATE RULES link from the SALARY tab on the task, and after that they can be edited individually.

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