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Dataløn (integration)

In order to export to Dataløn, there are some further adjustments you need to do.

Company number

In Dataløn you have a company number. You need to add this as the username when selecting Dataløn as your salary system.

Salary codes and terms

In Dataløn some codes are split in two, so one code represents the hour count and another code represents the value of that count. In addition each code can be attached to a "term". 

Please visit for details about this.

In order to get a correct output from Microbizz, you need to do some further setup. We will refer to salary count, salary value and salary term. If an employee is payed by the hour, and have worked 120 hours with an hourly salary of €15, the salary count is 120 and the salary value is 15.

In order to get the correct output to Dataløn, you need to specify for each salary code, which information you need to get into your export file. This is setup by selecting the correct type for the salary code, when editing salary codes.

Please refer to the table below to select the correct code:

Microbizz salary code type

Dataløn term code

Which value will be outputted?

Normal51Salary count
Type 235Salary value
Type 335Salary count
Type 451Salary value
Type 851Salary count * Salary value

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