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Competences allows you to register and manage your employees' professionel competences, such as certifications or certain courses attended. For instance, competences could be "Forklift certified" if you work with moving material in warehouses, or "Security clearance" if you work with clients that require employees to be security cleared before working at their sites. 

These competences can be attached to tasks, companies or equipment in Microbizz. This serves to avoid the planning or allocation of tasks to employees without the required competences, thus ensuring compliance and quality. 

Using competences in daily work

View list of assigned competences

Click on the User module and choose USERS > COMPETENCES to view a list of all the users that have competence(s) assigned.

Assign competences for users

When you create/edit a user, simply (1) check the competences box(es) and/or (2) choose a level of expertise from the drop-down box, to attach them to him or her. For more on competences, please refer to the competences settings.

Assign competences to tasks, companies and/or equipment

Competences are assigned to tasks, companies and/or equipment when creating or editing these. When creating or editing these objects, find the competences list and select at least one competence required to work with the task, company and/or equipment. For more on competences, please refer to the competences settings.

Allowing unskilled planning

Click on the Planning module, choose  SETTINGS > GENERAL, and choose the ADDITIONAL tab to the left.

 Under the headline Allow planning for users without proper skills you have the following option

  • Unskilled planning: When this setting is on, it is still possible to plan tasks to users, and Microbizz will simply produce a warning pop up to warn users about the incoming unskilled planning. 

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