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Competences (settings)

Compentences are used to better assign tasks to users that have the necessary knowledge and expertise to undertake them, f.ex. license to operate machinery, first aid skills, speak japanese, or security clearance.

Manage competences

Accessing competences is done by accessing the SETTINGS > COMPETENCES menu.

In the same menu, it's possible to edit and delete the existing competences.

Creating a competence

To create a new competence you need to fill out following:

  • Title: The title of the competence

  • Category: The category of the competence

  • Type: Choose from one of the following options:

    • Enable/disable: Enable or disable the competence when desired
    • Multi level: Use different levels of expertise within the competence
  • Module: Choose one of the following modules you want the competence to relate to:
    • User
    • Equipment
    • CRM

Edit a competence

Editing a competence happens in the same menu. Just click on the pencil or directly on the title to enter edit mode.

Assign competence

You can assign the competence to the following objects:

  • User - this specifies which competences the user have
  • Task - this specifies which competences are required for this task, the Planning module will give a warning when you try to plan a task to a user without the required competences
  • Equipment - when editing an equipment you may select which competences are needed, you can  only select competences that relate to the Equipment module
  • CRM - when editing a company you assign competences from those that relate to the CRM module
  • Process phase roles - when editing a process phase you may specify competences; this then limits who may be assigned for the role

User objects


You can get an overview of the competences in the menu USERS > COMPETENCES in the Users module.

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