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General support

Each partner provides Microbizz service to its own customer as follows

  • Online support (incl. 2 super users). This is an integral part of the monthly subscription for Microbizz solutions, additional products, and users.
    Scope, response times, etc. are defined in the Microbizz License Terms.
    The online support communication channel is announced by each Microbizz Partner to his own customers.
  • Phone support. Scope, opening hours, phone number, and price is determined individually by each Microbizz Partner. The related information is announced by each Microbizz Partner to his own customers.

Additional super users can be added by paying a fee. The fee includes training on acting as a super user, including the process for contacting the Microbizz service desk.

Ventu Support

The following describes the Ventu Service Desk available to Ventu customers. The service desk of other partners may work differently. Please contact your Microbizz partner for further details.

Ventu Service Desk

Ventu Service Desk is the single-point-of-contact (SPOC) in relation to Microbizz inquiries between Microbizz support contacts at Ventu customers and Ventu.

Ventu Service Desk is also the contact point for handling Microbizz related events (e.g., disturbances or potential interference in the availability of services or quality) and for service requests such as change requests or consultancy ordering.

Ventu Service Desk handles inquiries in Danish and English.

Ventu Service Desk Opening Hours

All weekdays (excluding Danish public holidays, Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve and Danish Constitution Day 5th June)

Monday - Thursday    8:30-16:00
Friday                          8:30-15:30

Ventu Service Desk receives inquiries from extranet and mail all the time, but inquiries are only processed during opening hours.

Ventu Service Desk Contact

Ventu Ekstranet:


Phone: +45 7023 5323 – Option 2

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