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You can create sales campaigns to be used with various objects in Microbizz.

Create a campaign

To create a call, you need to navigate to CAMPAIGNS > CREATE:

You need to fill out the following:

  • Title: A title for the campaign
  • Description: A description for the campaign
  • Is active: If marked, the campaign is active and can be used
  • Teams: Mark off the teams the campaign should be available for
  • Expires: A date for when the campaign expires
  • Call pulling?: If marked, the seller can allocate calls from the campaign instead of the team leader allocating them
  • Max. call: A maximum number of calls that can be made before the campaign automatically ends in a failure
  • Master form: Choose a form as a "master" to be used throughout the whole campaign
  • When success: Choose a form to be used when the campaign is successful
  • When fail: Choose a form to be used when the campaign has failed

Edit a campaign

Editing a campaign happens when searching for campaigns. Just click directly on the title of the campaign.

Search for a campaign

You can search for campaigns in SEARCH.

You can do the following:

  • Campaign: If you want to search for a specific campaign, write some text that could match the campaign(s) you're looking for
  • Only active: If marked, only active campaigns are found


Here, you can search for companies based on previous campaigns and their products. A company is said to have a product if the company has previous accepted a quotation which included this product.

You can fill out the following:

  • Company:
    • Type: Choose any company type you might have declared
    • Include prospects: If marked, prospects are also included in the search
  • Products:
    • Has...: Choose a product the company has
    • Has not...: Choose a product the company hasn't
  • Campaign:
    • Participated in...: Choose a campaign the company previously participated in
    • With status: Choose a campaign status the campaign the company participated in was

After making a search on the companies, you can choose as many companies as you want, and send them to a campaign of your choice, by clicking on "Send to campaign":



Any assigned call will be visible here:

You can choose to do the following:

  • show completed: If marked, any completed call will also be available
  • show upcoming: If marked, all upcoming calls will be available

To assign a call, after editing a campaign, press the Assign call button.

You must fill out the following:

  • Calls per seller: How many calls each seller must make
  • Call date: A date for the call
  • Allocate to: Mark the user(s) you want to assign the call to


If a campaign has any team attached to it, then it is possible to assign the campaign to specific users.

After marking the companies you want to assign users to, click on Assign to user:

You have to fill out the following:

  • Allocate to: Choose a user to allocate the campaign to
  • Call date: A date for the call


Any rejected calls are listed here.


Any successful calls are listed here.

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