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Work area permissions

Every module in Microbizz has a set of permissions.

For a general understanding of permissions visit this section.

Per default every work area can be used by everyone, but it is possible to limit who can use which work areas, based on team membership.

This is especially useful in larger organisations where different people, do different kind of work.

Work area permissions is configured in the SETTINGS menu, under WORK AREA PERMISSIONS.

Permissions are shown in a grid between teams and work areas. To set a permission click the appropriate box.

  • YES: Everyone in the team, have access to this workarea.
  • TL: Only teamleaders in the team, have access to this workarea.
  • NO: No-one on the team can access this workarea.

If a user is a member of several teams, the user will get the best possible permission, so if just one of the users team have access to the work area, then the user in general will have access.

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