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Setup Microbizz Filesync

If this is your first time using Microbizz Filesync, you will need to tweak your Microbizz setup a bit beforehand. We recommend starting out by reading our setup guide here.

However, if you have already configured your setup, then you have landed in the right place.

To be able to install Microbizz Filesync, you must have gathered the following information:

  • API key
  • Server name
  • Contract number

Lets start out by obtaining your API key. This is your unique key that allows external products to communicate with Microbizz.  It is important that you save the API key as we will need it again later.

You will find your API key in the corresponding menu item in the Setup module

Two API keys can never be the same

Your server name is the same as your URL link that you use to access Microbizz daily.

Example of server name:

Your contract number can be found under your username when you are logged in to Microbizz.

Double-click the install.exe file. You will now be greeted by the following window, where you are asked to enter all the information we have obtained, as well as to decide where you would like to synchronize your Microbizz files to.

You will need to configure an shared drive to make Microbizz Drive accessible by every employee in the company

Then press "Next" to complete installation. Thats it!

The installation will then begin the initial synchronization automatically.

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