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Map layers

Map layers are used to make customized layers in the map for specific modules (e.g. Tasks).

Manage map layers

Accessing map layers is done by accessing the SETTINGS > MAP LAYERS menu.

In the same menu, it's possible to edit and delete the existing map layers.

Creating a map layer

Creating a map layer is done by using the New map layer button.

To create a new map layer you need to fill out the following:

  • Title: Name of the map layer

  • URL: A URL for the new map layer

  • Type: Choose one of the following types:

    • Tiles

    • WMS

  • Format: Choose one of the following formats, this is only relevant for WMS maps:

    • JPEG

    • PNG

  • Layers:  This is only relevant for WMS maps; the value is passed on to the WMS server to tell it which layers to use

  • Projection: Choose one of the following projections:

    • WebMercator

    • EPGS:25832

  • Background: This specifies if this is a background layer (eg. satellite photo) or a foreground layer (eg. water pipes or bicycle paths) 

  • Modules: The modules checked here, will have the new map layer available

  • Copyright: A text for copyright

  • Copyright link: A link for the copyright

When you are done creating the map layer, you can press Save.

Notice: you should not attempt to mix maps in different projections.

Assign map layer

To assign a map layer, you can do so as explained here.

External sources of maps

Here are some possible sources of maps. Ventu claims no responsibility for the availability/accuracy/usefulness of the maps or of the list below.

Denmark has a large number of background maps and layers. You will need to create a (free) login and get token for accessing the maps; insert the token in the URLs instead of MYTOKEN. You can explore the maps on


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