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The map tab is used in most modules and shows the GPS location of the object that you are on (e.g. a user object).

When accessing the map tab we see the following:

  • Map: A map with the object's current location(s)
  • Layers: All besides the User module have layers you can add to the map. For more on this please refer to map layers

By pressing the Layers button you can see the layers on the map:

Here you can choose to do the following:

  • Add layer: You get to choose a title for the layer you wish to add

Furthermore, you can:

  • Choose what is viewable and editable by adding / removing the checkmark to the left of a layer's title
  • To the left of a layer's title you can remove the layer

Start, User, Tasks, CRM and Equipment specific map

In order to activate the functionality for the Start, User, Tasks, CRM and Equipment module, you have to activate the following setting in the Setup module's General settings:


Assign previously created map layer

If a map layer has been previously created, you can assign it by clicking on the layer-icon in the top-right corner of the map:

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