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Here you can administer all the static reports you might have in your system. Static reports can be made available on your start page.

Create a static report

Any standard report can be made into a static one. Click here for more on standard reports and how to make them static.

You have to enter the following information:

  • Report title: The title for the static report
  • Available for: Mark the teams the static report should be available to
  • Team leader: If marked, the report is available for team leaders of the chosen team(s)
  • Member: If marked, the report is available for members of the chosen team(s)
  • Show for actual user: If marked, the report will always reflect the user who's selecting it, regardless of which user is specified in the criteria

If Show for actual user is not set then you will be given the option to generate the reports once or twice a day. This allow the report to be available instantly when you want to view it.

Edit a static report

Editing a static report happens on the same menu. Just click on the pencil or directly on the title to enter edit mode.

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