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Here you can administer all the standard reports within Microbizz.

There are reports for nearly everything in Microbizz, requiring the user to only edit the reports in order to make use of them.

Edit a standard report

Editing a standard report happens on the same menu. Just click on the pencil or directly on the title to enter edit mode.

Reports may be unique, as they only focus on specific objects from specific modules, but allow the user to do the same actions to them all.

Show report

After configuring the chosen report, you can have it shown on the current view. Notice that the reports are generated in the "background", so you can continue to use MIcrobizz while the report is being prepare; once the report is ready it will appear. Previously generated reports are available in the list of report requests, see below.

Report requests

The menu REPORTS > REQUESTS shows a list of the reports that you have recently created. You can view the reports instantly, without having to wait for the report to be recalculated. The reports are deleted after a day or so.

Print report

This opens up another tab in your browser, allowing you to print out the configured report.

Load as...

You can also export the configured report into the following formats:

  • Excel 2003 (this will generate a xls-file. Please note that xls files have a limitation on number of columns and number of rows).
  • Excel (this will generate a xlsx-file)
  • CSV

As static report

This allows you to create the configured report as a static one. Click here for more on static reports.

You have to enter the following information:

  • Report title: The title for the static report
  • Available for: Mark the teams the static report should be available to
  • Team leader: If marked, the report is available for team leaders of the chosen team(s)
  • Member: If marked, the report is available for members of the chosen team(s)
  • Show for actual user: If marked, the report will always reflect the user who's selecting it, regardless of which user is specified in the criteria

To report list

This takes you back to the list of standard reports.

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