The image location menu is used to search and view all pictures taken in Microbizz, based on certain search criterias, and geolocation.

The menu is accessed through: REPORT/PICTURES/IMAGE LOCATION.

Searching images

When a picture is taken in the system, it will be searchable through this menu.

This is done by using the left side to input search/filter info.

The fields available are:

  • Search: An input field to search for objects that the pictures are attached to ie. a company, task, project, equipment
  • Incl. Subsidiaries: Choose to show pictures related to subcompanies
  • Period: The period a picture is taken
  • Group by: Which module should the resulting pictures be grouped by
  • Main category: Choose a main category if needed
  • Sub category: Choose a sub category if needed
  • Only with location: Only show pictures with geolocation (green dot)

The map

When a search has been completed, the results will be shown on the map in the middle.

Press on a specific picture to show it's information on the right side.

Address search

It's also possible to search for a specific address instead of objects.

This is done by pressing the house icon on the map.

Image information

When a picture is viewed on the right side, it contains information of itself.

These are:

  • Company: The company related to the picture
  • Project: The project related to the picture
  • Task: The task related to the picture
  • Category: The picture main category
  • Subcategory: The picture sub category
  • Date of upload: The date of upload
  • Time of upload: The time of upload
  • Has location: Green = The picture has a valid location - red = The picture does not have a valid location
  • Latitude, Longitude: The picture coordinates
  • Address: The picture address (from the object it was taken on)

PDF export

It's possible to export a picture search result through PDF.

Simply create a master with the "empty area" in the page section where you expect the pictures to be added by the system.

When exporting, press "To PDF" and choose the master.