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Creating a person

To begin we need to create a new person.

This is done by accessing the create function in the person menu as shown below.

When creating a person there are different informations to take into account:

  • First name: The first name of the person you are creating
  • Surname: The surname of the person you are creating
  • Type: Person types are a way of grouping persons across Microbizz. Learn more about these in the Person types section
  • Address: Add an address to assign the home location of this person
  • Email: The email of the person that is used for receiving mail updates from Microbizz or other users
  • Mobile number: The mobile number of the person, which is used to contact the person either by a colleague or the system
  • Person ID #: Some integrations communicate persons by their identification number
  • Request GDPR consent?: Use this function to send a GDPR consent request to the person
  • Expiration date: The day the person is to be disbanded from the company
  • Company: The company the person is employed at
  • Team: Choose the teams in which this user should be. Learn about Teams in this section
  • Our reference: The user within your company that have referred to or knows the person
  • User name: The username used to login to the Extranet
  • Password: The password used to login to the Extranet
  • Autosubscribe new public tasks: If ticked, Microbizz notifies the person of any new public tasks

Viewing a person

The person card is accessed either by the menu SEARCH or SEARCH WITH FILTER where you can search for all the persons in your system with or without filters, respectively.

The buttons

On the frontpage of the person card we find different buttons:

  • Edit: Used to edit the person information
  • Create: Used to create the following:
  • Deactivate: When a person is no longer needed he/she can be deactivated here. You will then be asked to confirm your choice or not
  • Delete: You can delete a person here
  • Combine with duplicate: Used to merge one person with another e.g. in the case of duplicates
  • To search: Go back to the SEARCH menu
  • Less: Show more/less of these buttons

Person tabs

Right under the person card we see the person tabs. These have different purposes:

  • Calendar: Here is shown the calendar and the appointments that the person has
  • Campaigns: Here is shown the campaigns the person is participating in, if any
  • Company: Associate the person to a company, and view the companies that the person is associated with, if any
  • Disclosure: GDPR-related tab viewing a list of objects the user has been in contact with
  • Emails: View all the mail correspondences you have had with the person
  • Files: View the files related to the person
  • Forms: Fill out forms and see previously filled out ones
  • Marketing: View a list of all marketing events. For more on this, please refer to the 
  • Notes: View and write notes regarding the person

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