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Project templates

Project templates are used to make it easier to create projects and do it correctly, as templates usually are created from the backend by teamleaders or administrators that can then standardize what information projects, should contain.

Using templates

Using a template can be done wherever it's possible to create a project. Both from the web system and the app. The most typical use is when creating a project.

This section will focus on creating and managing templates.

Search templates

Project templates are accessed through TEMPLATES/SEARCH.

From this menu it's possible to:

  • Search templates: Search for existing templates
  • The list of templates: A list of the existing templates

By pressing the pencil menu next to an existing template, it possible to:

  • Edit: Edit the template
  • Rename: Rename the template
  • Delete: Delete a template

Create a project template

Creating a template is done by accessing the menu TEAMPLATES/CREATE.

The fields that can be used are the ones used when creating a project, and can be read here.


Permissions are accessed through the menu TEMPLATES/PERMISSIONS.

As with other modules permissions will let you decide who can use the different functions in Microbizz.

In regards to project templates you can manage who can use the different templates.

By accessing the menu, you will then be able to switch on/off who can use the templates.

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