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The activity tab is used in most modules and shows a user friendly chronological log of activity on the specific object.

When accessing the activity tab we see the following options:

  • Dates from and to: Choose when to filter the results from and to
  • Module: If more modules are represented in the activity, you can specify which ones
  • Type: Choose between different system tags

See activity

The activity is shown in a chronological order and the information contain:

  • Module icon: Showing which module the activity refers to
  • User icon: The icon of the user
  • User initials: The initial of the user
  • Timestamp: When is the activity created
  • Activity text: An explanation of the activity

Expanding activity

Sometimes an activity is collapsed to save space, and has to be expanded if the whole information is to be regarded.

It's done as shown in the video.

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