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From the ROUTE menu, you can choose LISTS in order to see a list containing all the existing routes, if any.

When pressing the Create route button, you will be directed to CREATE NEW in the ROUTE menu:

Pressing the Sort routes button after you have added all the routes needed, allows you to manually order the routes by dragging them around, thus determining their order. When you are satisfied, simply click on the Save order button.

Edit a route

Editing a route happens on the same menu. Just click on the pencil or directly on the title to enter edit mode.

You can do the following:

  • Print: Allows you to print out the route

  • Edit: Allows you to edit the route

  • Add new place: Allows you to create new places for the route:
    • Item type: Choose between the following:
      • Company
      • Task
    • Stars: A priority for the route
    • Form: Choose a form one can fill out when reaching the place
    • Required: If marked, filling out the form is required
    • Auto-template: Choose a task template
    • Time: The time for the place
  • Sort places: Sort the places as you wish, or as suggested by Microbizz with the Suggest order button
  • Back: Go back to the list of routes

Furthermore, there are tabs for the routes: 

  • Assignments: By clicking on the Create a repeat run, you can create and assign repeated runs for specific users

  • Completed: Any completed run is displayed here

  • Places: Here you can see the map together with a list of all places (i.e. objects added with the Add new place button)

  • Runs: By clicking on the Assign run, you can create and assign runs for specific users

Most objects in the tabs can be edited by clicking on the pencil or directly on the title to enter edit mode.

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