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A route consists of a number of places that have to be visited in a certain order, e.g. if an employee in a cleaning company each week has 10 different places he or she needs to clean.

In the section, by clicking on "Create route" in the list of routes, or choosing ROUTE > CREATE NEW, you are able to create a new route:

In order to create a new route, there are various information required.

  • Route title: The title of the route you want to create
  • Route team: The team the route should belong to
  • Item types: Choose which types of objects that may be included in the route. You can choose one of the following:
    • Only tasks
    • Companies & tasks
  • Colour: The colour frames the title (to help create an overview of the different registration types)
  • Code: The code for the new type, which must be between 2-3 characters long
  • Transportation: Here you can choose one of the ways of transportation the route has to be traversed with, this is used by Microbizz to try to estimate the drive time between tasks.
    • Bicycle
    • Car - city
    • Car - country
  • Start time: The start time for the route
  • End time: The end time for the route
  • Period (days): This is deprecated and should not be filled in.
  • Days to plan ahead: The number of days to plan ahead; the route will not appear in the production planning until this many days before it is scheduled.

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