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The planning module revolves around users as they are the ones that need to have their respective tasks planned and registered in Microbizz.

A production plan as seen below is composed of a schedule for the whole month, showing the different teams and their employees, as well as any tasks or projects that may be e.g. pending or unplanned.

Production plan

The production plan allows you to map out the various tasks to your employees. There are a couple of different ways of doing so.

The essentials

Before you can start using the module, there is a configuration that needs to be in place.

The essential function is:

  • Normal


Each user must have a plan made for them. This is achievable by navigating to PLANNING → NORMAL

Here, you can drag any task from the list (if any), and drop it in the calendar, right next to an employee as follows:

It is crucial to choose the appropriate teams that should be included in your planning from the right side of the screen, otherwise some employees within your organization won't be found in the production plan.

Normal is basically a production plan for the users in Microbizz. To read more about it, please refer to the following section: Normal

Next steps

Now that you have learned about the basics of the plan module, and are familiar with configuring the basics, you are ready to manage the production plan for either yourself, others, or the whole company.

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