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In this upcoming release, we are launching our new EDI module

What is it?

EDI (Eletronic Data Interchange) lets you digitalize your invoices to reduce the amount of manual work and use of paper.

With EDI, you can receive digital invoices which Microbizz identifies automatically and attaches to the correct tasks to minimize the chance of mistakes in your invoice flow

In this release, we have rebuilt our EDI module so it now supports the industry standard OIOUBL format, and we are also happy to announce that we now support currencies on EDI

Example 1: Your employee needs materials to fix a broken water pipe and does not have the material in stock. He locate the nearest supplier to buy the needed materials and tells the worker behind the counter to invoice it to your company through either an EAN (European article number) or CVR (Company number) with a reference to the task in Microbizz. When the invoice is sent, it will be imported to your EDI module and is now ready to get invoiced further to your customers

How do i get started?

To get started, contact us at to activate the new module

When the module is activated, the new module will be displayed as following:

If you are using our new design, or navigated to the module, it will look like this:

When navigating to the EDI module, you will be landing in the inbox, where you will be able to see all your EDI invoices that you receive from your suppliers.


With phases, you can make sure that your EDI invoices go through an approval flow before getting processed further to the relevant tasks. This gives you the needed control on your own economy.


With blacklists, you can block specific product numbers to get assigned to tasks permanently. This can be product numbers that represent specific taxes or discount lines.


Check out this video, where we show the typical workflow when working with EDI invoices

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