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Micropedia info

Welcome to Micropedia: The online platform for Microbizz related information.

The different sections

The content of the platform is updated at different frequencies, but the general expectation is that new content can be added daily.

SectionInfoContent creatorFrequencyLanguage
Microbizz documentationAll module and function related documentationVentu3 months


Technical documentationTechnical documentation about API's, integration, etc. Ventu<3 months


KnowledgebaseA constantly evolving site with best practices, troubleshooting, and FAQ's

Ventu, Partners, and customers



System updatesA list of Microbizz system changesVentu3 months


Bugs & fixesAll the bugs n' fixes done to the systemVentuDaily


How content is created

The Micropedia documentation is maintained by Ventu. The content comes from different sources.

  • Product Development department when they expand the functionality of Microbizz
  • Customer Experience department when they implement Microbizz at customers
  • Service Desk when they process customer inquiries
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