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Line extraction

This section enables you to decide which hours from the hours module that are to be selected and invoiced, along with which work areas that are invoiceable.

This section has the following settings:

  • Markings: If configured in the hours module, you can choose whether some of the markings (the stars) should represent a registration that always should be selected or it never should be selected for invoicing. If set while registering hours, regardless of the work area (e.g. if the work area is chosen to be excluded - read more on this further below in Areas)  
  • Autoinvoice: When ticked, details regarding the changes made with the multi edit tool will be sent to the current user using it
  • Keep zero lines: Invoice lines with nothing to invoice i.e. the price is zero, are included
  • Line elements: Depending on whether you are invoicing by time or by products, there are elements regarding e.g. the companies, tasks and products involved that you can include as product text
  • Hour price calculation: You can select between the following methods for when you want Microbizz to calculate an hourly price:
    • On invoicing: If there is a price on the company or task on the exact time you choose to invoice, then that's the price that is invoiced
    • On assignment: If there normally is a price on the company or task, but another one at the time of registration, then that's the price that is invoiced
  • Areas: All the work areas you may have declared (for more on this, please refer to the setup module) can be chosen to be omitted from the invoices. Then you can specify which registrations within the checked off work areas that should be extracted. You can choose whether all hours registered on the individual work areas, should be extracted, or if it depends on the hour registration's marking
  • Companies: Here you can search for and choose companies that you never invoice

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