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EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) invoices are the electronic exchange of business invoices, which are exchanged between business partners in the form of structured data and without manual intervention. EDI is not a specific technology, but a combination of electronic processes, exchange protocols (communication protocols) and established, internationally valid business document standards.

The EDI system has been significantly upgraded in Microbizz throughout the years. It has become possible to define its own multi-layer approval procedure, and the interface has also been improved significantly.


If your organization uses EDI invoices, then there are some features in Microbizz that you need to understand before being able to use EDI invoices within Microbizz.

In the basic configuration, the process of EDI invoicing is as follows:


A newly received EDI invoice has the phase Pending. You can press the invoice to enter a detailed view. If there are challenges with the invoice, e.g. that the sender is not recognized, then this will be visualized, along with a guide on how to remedy this. When all problems are resolved, a green approval button will appear. By clicking on this, the invoice is approved and the lines are transferred to the case.


When the lines are assigned, the invoice is assigned to this phase.


Any invoice that didn't go through e.g. due to wrong information, will be assigned to this phase.

Approval phases

You can choose exactly which users are allowed to change an EDI invoice in the given phases, and in addition, you can design your own approval procedure, i.e. other than the standard ones previously introduced.

To begin creating new approval phases, access the page through SETTINGS > EDI as shown below.

For more on approval phases, please refer to the settings for EDI.

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