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Search other hours

Depending on your permissions and policies you'll be able to search for other users' registered daily worksheets.

You can search in other's registered daily worksheets by going to OTHERS HOURS > SEARCH as shown below.

You can search as follows:

  • Periods: Here you can choose the periods you want to view worksheets for, which can either be predefined by Microbizz or one you define yourself (i.e. user defined)
  • Show details: If this is checked, the worksheets' details will be displayed
  • Show only workdays: If this is checked, only workdays will be displayed
  • Grouping: This field decides how the worksheets should be grouped. There are the following options:
    • User: Group the worksheets by user
    • Task: Group the worksheets by task
    • Company: Group the worksheets by company
  • TeamHere you can choose to view and approve worksheets for either:
    • (All teams): Search through all teams
    • (Selected users): Choose as many users as you like to search registered daily worksheets for
  • Only worksheets with warnings: If checked, only worksheets with warnings are shown
  • Incl. borrowed employees: If checked, borrowed employees are included in your search; an employee/user is considered borrowed if they have registered team on a task that belongs to one of your teams, without being a member of one of your teams

Searching is done by pressing the Search button.

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