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Search my hours

You can search in all your registered daily worksheets by going to MY HOURS > SEARCH as shown below.

You can search as follows:

  • Periods: Here you can choose the periods you want to view worksheets for, which can either be predefined by Microbizz or one you define yourself (i.e. user defined)
  • Show details: If this is checked, the worksheets' details will be displayed
  • Show only workdays: If this is checked, only workdays will be displayed
  • Grouping: This field decides how the worksheets should be grouped. There are the following options:
    • User: Group the worksheets by user
    • Task: Group the worksheets by task
    • Company: Group the worksheets by company
  • Only worksheets with warnings: If checked, only worksheets with warnings are shown

Searching is done by pressing the Search button.

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