The parts list tab allows you to add products to the equipment as parts.

Here, you can only do the following:

  • Add product: Add a product to the parts list
  • Filter: You can choose to filter the parts as follows:
    • Normal
    • Spare parts

Add product

By clicking the Add product button, you can choose any product from your list of products to be a included in the parts list.

After marking a product, click on either the product no. or product title. You will then be asked to review the product you are about to add. You can change the following:

  • Count: The amount of the product you want to add
  • Product no.: The product no. for the product you have chosen
  • Unit: The unit for the product
  • Goods: The product. You can search for another one if you want by typing in the text field or pressing the magnifying glass
  • Budget area: Choose a budget area the product should be a part of