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Subscriptions are used to manage periodical invoices that automatically run for as long as they are required.

They are always attached to a company, as they will create invoice lines related to that company.


Creating a subscription

Creating a new subscription is done by accessing the subscription tab directly on a company main card.

Here you can press create subscription which will open the creation page.

As seen above the creation of a subscription is divided in two sections. Info and invoicing.

The fields available are:

  • Count: The count for the invoice lines created by this subscription
  • Unit: The product unit used for the invoice lines
  • Product no.: The product number used for the invoice lines
  • Product: Search for a product in the product catalogue to easily fill out the prices in the unit price field
  • Subscription: The name of this subscription
  • Period: How often should this subscription occur
  • Never in these months: Choose if the subscription should skip any period
  • Use custom price: Use this to choose a price for the subscription manually

  • Unit price: The price for one amount of the invoice line
  • Total price: The total price for the invoice lines. (count * unit price)
  • Discount %: If custom price isn't used, it's possible to give a discount based on the product chosen from the catalogue
  • Use price from "Company XX": Toggle if the system should use price from the product catalogue or the company specific individual price
  • Description: A description of the subscription
  • Requisition: A requisition for the invoice lines
  • Due: When will the subscription generate an invoice line the next time. This will be used to generate the following ones. See the general section to setup when the invoice should be generated
  • Expires: When should the subscription expire
  • Inv. in advance?: Should the invoice be created for the period ahead or the past one
  • Om separate invoice?: By checking this, the invoice lines will not be added to an existing invoice. A new one will be created only for the subscription
  • Show period: Should the period the invoice is covering be a part of the invoice lines?
  • Expired?: Use this to expire a subscription. The system will also check this if an the expiration date is passed
  • Team: You can assign the subscription to a specific team
  • Tasks: You can relate a subscription to a task to show if they cover any work payed by the subscription

By pressing save at the end, the subscription is created.

See all subscriptions

If you want to get an overview of all your subscriptions, there are two options.

  • Search subscriptions
  • Overview subscription

Search subscription

By accessing the menu SUBSCRIPTION/SEARCH you will get access to the search menu for subscriptions.

The searching options are:

  • Expires within X days: Shows any subscription that expires in the amount of days selected
  • Show expired: Includes/excludes expired subscriptions in the search
  • Customer types: Toggle subscriptions for selected company types

When the search is customized, you can press search and the results are shown below.

Invoice subscriptions

Every night Microbizz checks if the due data for any subscription has been reaches. If so the subscription is invoiced, and the due date is advanced by the subscription period.

In advance

From the search menu, it's possible to invoice on or more subscriptions in advance. This function is used if for any reason the due date of the subscriptions should be moved ahead.

By invoicing in advance, you are only invoicing the upcoming subscription. The next time the subscription is due, it will follow the regular periods.

To invoice, select one or more invoices and press invoice now as shown.


Overview subscription

By accessing the menu SUBSCRIPTIONS/OVERVIEW you will get access to the overview of upcoming subscriptions.

These are shown divided in the months they are due, giving an estimation about the revenue for all subscriptions in the system.

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