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Companies in the CRM module can have different relations for example: Company A is a supplier for company B.

Then relations can be added to your companies. This can be done through the company main card, by choosing the tab Relations.

Here all the company's relations to other companies can be seen in your index.

Setup relations

Setting up the relation types is explained here.

Adding a relation

When adding a relation to a company, simply press add relation from the menu under the relation tab.

Then there are the following fields to complete:

  • Company: A search field for the company we want to create a relation with
  • Relation: A dropdown where you can choose the relation type that we recently created in the relation menu
  • Direction: Choose which way the relation is made

After completing the fields, you can either press Save as new to create more relations, or Save and finish to complete.

End a relation

To end a relation, simply press the pencil menu and press end relation.

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