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The call tab shows a list of calls, if any, that are attached to the company.

Any completed calls can be viewed by marking show completed.

In order to complete calls, you have to make them first. In order to do so, you have to click on the green telephone icon. This will direct you to the call in the Sales module

Create new call

You can create a new call by clicking on New call.

You'll need to fill out the following:

  • Who is calling: Choose the user that should make the call
  • Call date: The date the call should be made
  • Time: The time for the call
  • Precise?: When Microbizz has to find the next call, it first looks for calls that are marked as "precise" and if it does not find any, then it looks for calls that are not marked as "precise". So it's a kind of priority, so if you have two calls at the same time, then Microbizz will select the call that is "precise" and the other one will be delayed a bit.
  • Telephone: Choose between one of the following phone numbers to make the call to:
    • (main number): The company's main number
    • PERSON NAME: Any person that is already attached can be chosen from the drop-down box
    • (add person): Allows you to create and attach a new person to the company
  • Note (new call): Create a note for the call

You can either save the call with the Save button or make the call immediately with the Call now button.

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