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Public Holidays

Public Holidays should be used when your employees have the day off, since the specific day will be set as HOL by default, unless something else is set for a given employee.

As seen above, you can add public holidays by pressing the "New public holiday"-button, requiring you to fill in the Date of the holiday, as well as the Name of it.

Import holidays

 By pressing the "Get public holiday"-button you are able to retrieve future public holidays, requiring you only to provide the system with at least a From year date, while the To year date is entirely optional. You can also edit or delete the existing ones by pressing the

button to the left of each holiday.

This works for Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, France, Italy, UK, Belgium and a few other countries.

Regional holidays

Regional holidays allow you to specify that a holiday only applies to a range of post codes in a given country.

This is used by repeated tasks, so that the country and post code of the task determines if a date is a holiday, which may then affect if the task is planned for a given date.

This is a functionality that must be enabled by Ventu. Available from 2023.

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