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Tasks can be divided into pools, which essentially is just a groupof tasks. E.g. you can create a pool for urgent tasks, to help you organize your tasks and their importance.

You'll be able to set an administrator for the workpool, who will be responsible for assigning tasks from the pool to other users.

Pools can be accessed from:

  • The app
  • The task list
  • The planning module

Pools can be managed by the administrator og by the users taking them and completing them independently.

Create a pool

Before we start using pools, we need to make sure they are created.

This is done by accessing the menu POOL > CREATE or POOL > OVERVIEW.

When creating the pool, the following information can be added:

  • Pool: A chosen name for this pool
  • Team: Which team should the pool belong to; the pool is only accessible for the responsible users and the members of the team
  • Responsible: Who is primarily responsible for the execution of the pool

There is also a more special setting called:

  • Tell app to synchronize when a task is added to the pool: This setting is used to make sure that when a task is added to the pool, the apps will receive a push message with the information of updating the list of tasks available in the pool.

Push message

It's important to notice that this will not send a message that a user can read or any sound/vibration. It's only for synchronisation purposes.

Edit and delete pool

When the pool is created, it can also be edited and deleted through the pencil menu as shown in the picture.

Add tasks to a pool

Adding a task to a pool can be done in two ways.

1) When creating a task

2) From the task details page

Plan/assign a pool task

When a task from a pool needs to be executed, it can be done by a user directly or by a teamleader.

Let's take a look at the different methods.

1) Assign from pool

From the pool menu, simply select the pool you want to manage and when the list of tasks is available to press the pencil menu on a selected task, and choose:

  • Remove: Removes the task from the pool
  • Assign: Assign the task to a specific user

2) Plan from the planning module

The pools are available as filters in the planning module where you can execute the planning directly by dragging the tasks from the pool, to the user.


3) From the mobile app

When a task is part of a pool, every user in the same team as the pool can "take" the task.

Taking a task will change the responsible to the user taking the task, and will remove the ability of taking the task from other potential users.

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