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Checkpoints is a functionality which may be attached to a task, in order to keep track of things that should be done as part of the task. F.ex. a task that involves servicing a machine may have the checkpoints: "Check the pressure", "Make sure there is oil in the filter", "Check the belt for wear" and "Sign the service form". In some cases the checkpoints can be seen as a cheap alternative to using a question form.

Checkpoints can be created and edited in the menu SETTINGS > CHECKPOINTS. The checkpoints may be edited and deleted the usual way, via the pencil.

Create a new checkpoint

To create a new checkpoint you need to fill out the following:

  • Title: Name of the checkpoint

  • Description: An optional description of the checkpoint

  • Default frequency: The frequency for the checkpoint. Choose from daily to yearly
  • Work areas: The work areas checked are the only ones that can use the checkpoint

Assign checkpoints

To assign checkpoints to a task, you just need to edit the task object as explained here.


The settings for the task module has a few options that control checkpoints/checklists.

  • Check lists?If checked, checklists are enabled for tasks; when you edit a task you can select which checkpoints apply to that task

  • Checklist usage: Choose between the following:

    • Todo-list when checked in

    • Report mode

    • Static checklist

Checklist usage determines how the checkpoints are handled by Microbizz.

Todo-list when checked in

When you are checked in on a task in the app, the checkpoints are listed an you may check each of them to indicate that you have completed the checkpoint.

The checkpoints are listed in a tab on the task details page, see report mode below for details.

Report mode

The checkpoints are listed in a tab on the task details page, together with the date of last "completion", and when it is supposed to be completed again. Here you can also complete each checkpoint, and set the frequency of the checkpoints.

When a checkpoint is completed a "divergence" is calculated based on the days since it was last completed, and the frequency that was selected for the checkpoint. This divergence can be seen in the report T65.

Static checklist

The checkpoints are displayed at the top of the task details page, and may be checked there.

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