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The task module has an accord system, which must be switched on by Ventu.

When switched on, it becomes possible to choose per task how the accord has to be handled, either "simple accord" or "running accord".

Simple accord

When an accord is calculated / paid out, the number of users who have been checked in on the task since the last payout is counted, then a time registration is created for each of these users, which is divided by the number of minutes specified as accord time for the task. I.e. if the accord time is 6 hours and there are 3 users who have been checked in, then it will be on a time registration of 2 hours.

Settling the simple accord

The time which the accord is settled is determined by the task type.

For an adhoc task the accord is handled once and this is done when the task is closed.

For a repeated task, the accord is settled each night, meaning the accord is payed each day a user have checked in on the task.

The accord is settled like this:

  1. All manual time registrations are cleared from the task (in the accord period), so they no longer exists.
  2. Each person who have checked in, in the accord period is gathered. It doesn't matter how many time they have checked in - each user counts equally.
  3. New time registrations are created, where the total accord sum is divided between the users gathered in step 2. Each receive an equal amount of minutes.

Running accord

Here, an accord salary is paid to each user who has registered time on the task since the last payment. If user A has registered 1 hour and user B has registered 3 hours, then A will receive 25% of the amount and B will receive 75% of the amount.

Accord is payed by pressing the Pay accord button on the task card.

For users who have an "accord value", the hour registration since last payout will be listed. The accord value is set in the User module, in the SALARY tab for the user, and determines the hourly salary for the time registered.  The task may have different accord rate, which is then used as  the accord value for all users, however the accord value should still be set for each user.

For other users, who have registered time on the task, it is possible to specify an individual payout.

Press the Preview button to see what the result of the payout would be.

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