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On location

Here you get a quick overview over your tasks. 

On location

On location is a part of the Start module and shows a map with companies, tasks, users and equipment. When you click on a given company, task, user or a piece of equipment, a tooltip will appear providing additional information.

To access On location: Click on the START MODULE icon - and choose  ON LOCATION > ON LOCATION in the top menu:

The "My position" button moves the map to where you are right now, assuming the browser can read your current location. The 4 coloured markers allow you to filter which companies/tasks/users/persons to display on the map.

If the current user is team leader for a team, and Microbzz knows the location of any users in the the team, then a "Find user" drop down menu will appear. Selecting a user from the menu will move the map to the marker for that user. This requires that the marker for the user is already being displayed on the map.

On location - today

On location today shows the planning of the day. This is available in the menu ON LOCATION > TODAY.

The page shows an employee list including the employee´s planned tasks and their status. The plannings are shown both on a map and on a timeline.

Displayed in different colors it´s possible to see if tasks are: Closed, in progress (currently checked in on), visited (i.e. checked in on and out of), not visited or are planned later the same day. 

You may choose a different date or team, and you may choose to show the task status colours instead of the colours listed above.

Clicking once on a planning in the timeline will scroll the map to the location of the task.  Double clicking takes you to the task.

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