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Get started

The start module is your personal Microbizz overview page. 

Here you have the opportunity to customize your start page exactly to your individual needs. Administrators can also make start pages for groups of users.

It is possible to create numerous start pages. 


The Microbizz Start pages are found in the start module and is the first thing a user is presented with when logging into Microbizz. Usually every Microbizz solution holds no more than 1 or 2 start pages, but there is no limit to how many start pages the Microbizz solution can have and always depends on your specific needs. This means that every user can have their own startpage with individual info boxes and filters that fits the specific users needs, but many Microbizz users decides to have individual startpages per department or function. This will simplify and secure the task work flow, since it makes users work in the same way.

Change size of info box

You can choose the size of the info boxes to either use the whole width of the screen or half of it. You can do this by accessing SETTINGS > GENERAL:

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