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Scalepoint is a broker system between contractors and insurance companies. With a Scalepoint integration, one can get assignments directly from the Scalepoint system into Microbizz.

Preparing your Microbizz solution

In order to use the Scalepoint integration in Microbizz, you need to create a number of custom fields needed by the integration.

ModuleField nameField type
CRMSecurity TokenText *
CRMAliasText *
CRMSub-aliasText *
CRMPolicy numberText *
TaskScalepoint IDText *
TaskScalepoint URLURL
TaskResponsibilityLong text
TaskDamage typeText

Please note that all fields marked with * must be searchable for the integration to work.

Information exchange with Scalepoint

In order for the integration to work, you need to Exchange some information with Scalepoint.

You need to inform Scalepoint about your integration endpoint. You can determine this by knowing your contract number, and looking at the URL from which your Microbizz executes.

You need to apply this information to the following URL: https://SERVERNAME/api/scalepoint.php/v1/CONTRACTNUMBER/

If your server URL starts with and your contract number for example is 2332, then the final endpoint URL will be:

This URL should be communicated to Scalepoint.

From Scalepoint you should receive the following informations:

  • A Scalepoint server name.
  • A Scalepoint user name.
  • For each insurance company: A security token, an alias and sometimes a subalias.

You will need this information to set up the integration and create the insurance companies in CRM.

Setting up the integration

Select SCALEPOINT from the INTEGRATION menu.

Click to enable the integration and fill in the following fields:

  • Security token, alias, sub-alias, policy number: Select the appropriate custom fields that you made on the CRM objects earlier.
  • Customer type for new: When the integration create a new insurance company client, you can specify which CRM type should be assigned.
  • Default team: When a new insurance company client is created, specify which team it is assigned to.
  • Responsible user: When a new insurance company client is created, specify who becomes "our reference".
  • Scalepoint ID, URL, reponsibility, damage type: Select the appropriate custom fields, that you made on the tasks earlier.
  • Task template: Select a task template to use for new tasks from Scalepoint.
  • Scalepoint server name: Enter the server name provided by Scalepoint.
  • Scalepoint user name: Enter the user name provided by Scalepoint.

Setting up an insurance company

Create the insurance company as a CRM object, but be sure to fill in the custom fields: TOKEN, ALIAS and SUB-ALIAS with the information provided by Scalepoint.

Using the integration

When everything is set up and the insurance companies are created, you can tell Scalepoint to enable the integration.

The integration will do the following:

  • When a new task becomes available in Scalepoint, it will create the task for you directly in Microbizz. The task will have a link directly to the case in Scalepoint and also contain any images received from Scalepoint.
  • The insurance client will also be created as a CRM object related to the appropriate insurance company.

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