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Project - General settings

Here you will find settings that are related to different parts of the Project module. 

There are settings specific to related functions, which are in the module's settings menu.


Approval policy

These are the same as the approval policies in the Task module.


  • Actions: It's possible to limit which actions that should be available in the ACTION button on the project object page:
    • Edit project
    • Assign tasks
    • Create task
    • Create appointment
    • Quickedit
    • To pool
    • Transfer to quotation
    • Print
    • SMS
    • To template
    • Copy
    • Save as PDF
    • Apply update filter

For customers with vast amounts of data

If your system has many appointments then the project planning can be quite slow, because the events have to be taken into account when trying to determine if a user is busy on a given day. You can instead configure a simplify handling of appointment, where it is simply assume that each user spends a fixed number of minutes in meetings every day. 

Additional fields

Additional fields

  • Additional companies: Enables the "Additional companies" field on the projekt, just like in the Task module
  • Additional employees: Enables the "Additional employees" field on the projekt, just like in the Task module
  • Edit project number: Choose between the following to determine when to edit project numbers:
    • Never
    • Only new
    • Always
  • Quickedit fields: Choose the following fields you can quickedit when needed:
    • Status
    • Responsible
    • Team
    • Note


  • Budget only on subtasks: When this is selected you can only have budget on the subtasks, not on the project itself. The project will display the sum of the budgets for all the subtasks.


Hide the following invoice policies

  • Invoice policies: You hide the following invoice policies, so they aren't available when creating or editing projects:
    • Hours/products
    • Fixed price
    • Fixed price (except products)
    • Per planned visit
    • Per planned visit (max 1 pr. day)
    • Per real visit
    • Per real visit (max 1 pr. day)
    • No charge
    • No charge (except products)
  • Customer can accept tasks?: This determines if the project can be accepted on the extranet, just like the similarly named setting in the Task module.

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