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New document template

Here you can create document templates; these are somewhat deprecated and can only be used a few places in MIcrobizz (f.ex. mail campaigns). To do so, click on the "New document template"-button as shown below.

This will take you to the following page:

To create a new template you need to fill out the following:

  • Document title: Name of the template

Furthermore, you have to add some more content to the template besides the title. You can add more information by pressing the "Add contents"-button, where you'll be asked to fill in the following:

  • Content type: Choose between the following:
    • Text: If this is chosen, you have the following information to fill in:
      • Font type: You can choose between the following:
        • Arial
        • Times New Roman
      • Adjustment: Choose how the value/text of the field should be aligned:
        • Left
        • Centred
        • Right
      • Size: Write a value for the font size
      • Text: Write the text you want
    • Picture: If this is chosen, you have to select a picture from your files within Microbizz. For more on this, please refer to this section
    • Special field: Choosing this option allows you to insert code which gets information from across your Microbizz system. For a list of codes, press the "Show field guide"-button

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