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Mail recipients

(You need to understand the basic concept of import filters to use the mail recipients function.)

The mail recipient function allows you to send mails or files directly to Microbizz for automatic processing by an import filter.

You can access the function from the INTEGRATION menu, by selecting MAIL RECIPIENT.

From the main screen you can see the email-adress for your Microbizz solution, which is typically your contract number, followed by a domain name. This is the email you will use for sending mails to your Microbizz solution.

Receiving mail

To handle incoming mail, you will need to create a new mail recipient, which is done using the button with the same name.

Fill in the form to create your mail recipient.

  • Title: A title so you can recognize this mail recipient later.
  • From/To/Subject/Body text: Here you can select which mails you want to handle. Each mail will be examined and if one of the fields match what you have entered, the mail will be handled. To process all mail from Microbizz, enter in the FROM field, to indicate that you want to process all mails where is part of the from field.
    • It is important, that the "Subject" doesn't have any similar words in the string, i.e. "Subject 1" and "Subject 2" is invalid, while "Subject 1" and "Theme 2" is valid. 
  • Use filter: Here you can select an import filter to use for processing the mail.
  • When OK/When error: Here you can specify if any feedback should be sent when the filter is activated and everything goes well or an error occurs.
    • Do nothing: No feedback is sent.
    • Reply to sender: Feedback is sent back to the sender of the mail.
    • Respond to another mail: Feedback is sent to another mail address that you specify.

Processing time

As the mail recipient system consists of several components, it can take some time from a mail is sent, until it is processed by the mail recipient. This is totally normal.

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