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The System-module revolves around various objects found within the other modules in Microbizz e.g. tasks and companies.

The essentials

Before you can start using the module, there are some configurations you have to get acquainted with.

The essential functions are:

  • Forms
  • Notes
  • Documents
  • Filters
  • Integrations
  • Products


Forms is a Microbizz backbone function, allowing you to create forms for all kind of different situations, such as performing a call, servicing a piece of equipment or giving feedback on a task.

After filling out a form, you can perform certain actions in Microbizz, such as updating information, creating new tasks, sending notifications etc. To read more about it, please refer to the following section: Forms


Another backbone function in Microbizz, notes enables you to create and configure how notes are represented in Microbizz. To read more about it, please refer to the following section: Notes


With documents, you are able to structure the output Microbizz produces, whether it is documents exported from the system through, for instance, forms, email messages or SMS messages. All are separate concepts that you can learn about in the following section: Documents


With filters, you are able to create and configure filters on the imports, exports and updates on data within Microbizz, whether it is documents exported from the system, email messages or SMS messages. To read more about it, please refer to the following section: Filters


Microbizz provides a lot of integration options, and for all outgoing integrations, you can configure them in the integration menu. Read about each integration in the following section: Integrations


Microbizz provides a lot of ways to create, group and administer your products and their attributes. To read more about it, please refer to the following section: Products

Next steps

Now that you have learned about the basics of the Setup-module, and are familiar with the basics, you are ready to learn more about them in detail within the following pages.

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