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(You need to understand the basic concept of import filters to use the mail recipients function.)

The FTP function allows you to import data directly from an FTP site and automatically process it using an import filter.

NOTE: Microbizz doesn't provide a builtin FTP-server. Instead you need to provide it yourself or hire it from your Microbizz vendor.

You can access the function from the INTEGRATION menu, by selecting FTP.

FTP connection

Setup a new FTP connection to start importing data.

  • Title: A title for the connection, so you can recognize it later.
  • Server: The server name for the FTP-server, such as
  • User name: The user name used for accessing the FTP-server.
  • Password: The password for the FTP-server.
  • Type: The type of FTP, this can be sftp, ftps and ftp depending on how the server should be handled..
  • Folder: Indicate which folder should be examined on the server.
  • File name: Indicate which files should be processed. A single wildcard is allowed.
  • Import filter: Which import filter should process the file.
  • Run automatically: Check this if you want the importer to run automatically each day. Otherwise you will have to trigger it.
  • Send mail on error: If you fill an email address here, you will receive a mail, if any error occurs during importing.

When saving the importer it will try to connect to the server, and warn you if any error occurs.

Importing files from FTP

If you have set up that the importer should run automatically, it will execute once each day, typically at some point during the night. Otherwise you can trigger it, by selecting "import" from the pencil menu next to the importer.

NOTE: Each file matching the FTP importers file mask, will be deleted from the server as it is processed, so be sure to backup your files if you want to save a copy of them.

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