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Exchange V2

You can sync your Microbizz calendar to your Exchange system, as long as your Exchange support the EWS protocol.

You can access this function from the SETUP module and navigating to the INTEGRATIONS Other systems.

Configure exchange

To establish a connection to Exchange, you will need to fill out the fields down below.

  • Integration title: A title for the connection, so you can recognize it later on
  • Is standard: If checked, the integration will be the standard integration for Microbizz
  • Is online: If checked, the integration will be active and will synchronize any changes. If not checked, the integration is disabled
  • Server name: The server name of your Exchange EWS server, such as
  • Time Zone The time zone for your integration
  • Don't sync availability: If checked, Microbizz won't synchronize your availability

Setting up synchronization

Even though the connection is established, each user must be configured. This is done by letting the users know how to configure by themself on their user profile

  • User name: The user's e-mail address
  • Password:  The user's e-mail password
  • Sync. private appoints. If checked, private appointments created from Microbizz will not be synchronized. Be aware that a Microbizz administrator can see the content of private appointments for all users in Microbizz
  • Alarm on new: If checked, the user will be notified when a appointment is due
  • Alarm before in min:  The time before a user is notified by a appointment

Testing the connection

You can test the connection by selecting TEST from the

 next to your connection.

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