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Equipment - General settings

Here you will find settings that are related to different parts of the equipment module. 

There are settings specific to related functions, which are in the module's configuration menu.


This section has the following settings:

  • Mark if reserved within (hours): Specifies when a tool should be considered as "reserved soon". It should be noted that equipment are shown throughout the system with different color codes: green = available, red = reserved, and yellow = "reserved soon")
  • Prevent taking when reserved by others: Determines whether a piece of equipment can be taken by another user, even though it is reserved for someone else
  • Close unused reservations after this many days: Specifies the number of days before an unused reservation should be closed
  • Show external ID as tool number: The external id is shown as the tool's number


This section has the following settings:

  • Warning this many days before service: Specifies the number of days before the next service date where the warning period should start
  • Service parts when servicing the container: If a piece of equipment contains parts, this setting specifies if the parts should also be serviced
  • No service when deactivating/activating: If checked, there is no service when deactivating/activating
  • Only show latest location: The external id is shown as the tool's number

Warning mail

This section has the following settings:

  • Hours: Specify the number of hours when the system should send a warning mail when a GPS tracker hasn't reported for a while. Choose one of the following:
    • Don't send warning 
    • 1-48
  • Send mail to: A mail address to send the warning to

Multi editing

This section has the following settings:

  • Use multi editing: If checked, multi-editing is enabled
  • Open multi edit before multi service: Use this function if you would like to complete a multi service, but where you firstly multiedit some fields on the selected equipment. This is especially useful if you need to do service, but where the content of a service PDF certificate needs to include the newly edited fields
  • Read-only fields: The fields that you check here, are made read-only, and can thus never be altered
  • Editable fields: The fields that you check here are capable of alteration

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